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Romanceable non-human boys await!

Writing on the full game is complete so it's just a matter of programming and illustrations/backgrounds now...

  • Story

The Duenkhy is a visual novel centered about Jun* Renaud, a young human who runs away from a humans-only community to live with a friend in a duenkhy-only community. What are duenkhy? Duenkhy are the non-humans. Monsters, talking animals, sentient machines, fairies, and the list goes on. For centuries, humans and duenkhy have lived amongst each other, but there are those who believe they're better off separated. Disguised as a duenkhy, Jun must adjust to the new living situation, deal with their past, and form relationships with the locals... (More details at the official website.)

Choose from five romanceable duenkhy boys, including an object head, an anglerfish, a mysterious entity, a robot, and a zombie.

As of now, only Cassius' work-in-progress full route is available. More routes to come.

*main character is nameable.


- The "Gallery" on the main menu isn't actually functional yet.
- UI is a work in progress

  • System Requirements

- 64-bit Intel Macintosh running OS X 10.6 or later
- Windows XP and up

The Duenkhy runs on the Ren'Py engine and is packaged as a self-contained application.

Visit us at the official Duenkhy website, twitter, and my personal twitter!

Feedback/comments/concerns can also be directed to my twitter or to my email. If you livetweet or liveblog it, you should totally tag #duenkhy so I can see and enjoy your enjoyment.

This demo is DONATIONWARE. You can donate if you want, but you can also download it for free!! Just click the "download" button and skip the payment screen! All donations go towards helping the creator eat three meals and continue her education.


Noah Hafford (bandcamp, twitter)
Wyatt Powell (twitter)

Assistant artists:
Venomous Jello


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theduenkhy-2.0-linux.tar.bz2 241 MB
theduenkhy-2.0-mac.zip 244 MB
theduenkhy-2.0-win.zip 246 MB


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Recently played it again just to get another dose of your wonderful characters~

I'll admit, I'm eager to get more Krystoff: their interaction was so brief, and contentious xD

You do fine work, hope you're enjoying sharing such a nice VN with the world~!


I just finished the demo and enjoyed it so much! I can't believe how attached to Cassius you made me, he was too adorable and I love him!!! Keep up the great work, I can't wait to see what more you have in store for this game!


This is such a sweet game, I can't wait for the rest of it!


Just finished playing this game, and I must say I'm utterly in love with it. Out of all the characters, Shawn is my favorite - but I must admit I was looking for a VN with a zombie or a ghoul for what seems to be an eternity - my heart just skip a beat when he appeared!

But well, Cassius is such a nice boy too - since his first chapter is playable, it was nice to see more of him!

I can't wait to be able to play the full game!


Aah such a lovely game. The characters are so nice!


I adore Tor, I really hope he gets a full route. Absolute favorite character in this entire demo, he is so sweet.


Tor is so sweet xd


love the demo cant wait for this >w<


i love it all of it i really hope there will be a full game of this


I am head-over-heels in LOVE with this demo! Thoughtful, engaging writing and fascinating, adorable characters-- a perfect romance game. <3